Our expertise

Our team and our Management Board has more than 15 years of international and local experience in big pharmaceutical companies.

We are ready to share with you our understanding and solid knowledge of:

Licensing and business developmentRegulatory affairs

Capturing Marketing Insights:

- Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment

- Conducting Marketing Research

Connecting with Costumers:

- Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty

- Analyzing Customer & Business Markets

- Identifying Market Segments and Targets

Brand management:

- Creating Brand Equity

- Brand Positioning

- Dealing with Competition

Shaping the Market Offerings:- Setting product strategy

- Developing Pricing Strategy

Delivering Values:

- Designing and Managing Value Networks and Channels

- Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics

- Managing Mass Communications:

- Advertising and Sales Promotion

- Events and Public Relations

- Managing Personal Communications:

- Direct Marketing

- Personal Selling

Pharmacoeconomics and Reimbursement